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Eco-Exhibition Raises Serious Environmental Issues in Czech Republic

NTD Television, 21. 2. 2011, text a video

An NGO in the Czech Republic is promoting the message of environmental protection and civic involvement through a unique exhibition. The organization’s name is Nesehnuti, and one of its latest stops is in the city of Brno.

[Lukas Lyer, Coordinator, Nesehnuti Eco-Gate Center]:

“We are here today to present our new road show exhibition and information campaign. It’s called ‘Tree in Concrete.’ This exhibition informs the public about the most serious environmental problems in the Czech Republic. At the same time it shows people how they can get involved in solving some of these problems.”

Nesehnuti specializes in civic rights and ecological issues.

It offers Czech citizens information and advice through their eco-counseling centers called eco-gates, as they call them.

Nesehnuti also organizes educational drives like this exhibition to raise awareness of key social and ecological issues.

And why the name “Tree in Concrete”?

[Lukas Lyer, Coordinator, Nesehnuti Eco-Gate Center]:

“The name is a lighthearted metaphor for the suppression of nature in today’s society.”

The exhibition was opened by biologist Mojmir Vlasin

[Mojmir Vlasin, Biologist]:

“It is not some kind of exhibition of scholarly mastery. Nor does it try to convince visitors to the lofty genius of its author. On the contrary, it is simply a pleasant exhibition and I think it can impress many people.”

And while the exhibition deals with serious topics such as floods and air pollution, the aim isn’t to shock people.

[Lukas Lyer, Coordinator, Nesehnuti Eco-Gate Center]:

“We don’t want people to leave here depressed. So we try to lighten the atmosphere as much as we can, so the texts are written in a humorous way.“

And Nesehnuti is serious about taking this show on the road.

It lends the exhibition out to other organizations or citizens to get it into public places like galleries and schools.

This way the important message of environmental protection can reach out to all.


NTD News, Brno, Czech Republic.

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